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Box, O.T.
The History of a Community and its People

Box, Oklahoma Territory: a small community in southern Cleveland County from the 1890s to early-1900s,  290 pages, indexed, illustrated. 101 family stories.

First Edition November 2011 

Buckhead, O.T.
The History of a Community and its People

The 1890s to early-1900s. Buckhead, Oklahoma Territory was a small community in southern Cleveland County.  136 pages, indexed, illustrated.

Revised November 2012

Early-Day Settlers to
Southern Cleveland County,
Oklahoma Territory

Stories of 163 families who migrated to Oklahoma Territory in the 1890s-early 1900s: homesteaders, pioneers, sharecroppers.

First Edition January 2014

Michael Upchurch His Life, His Times, His Legacy: 1624-1681

Michael, the first Upchurch to America.  Documents, letters, maps, and a whole lot more including the story and records of his participation in the Lawne's Creek Rebellion.

Revised/Second Edition January 2012

The Upchurches of Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Indian Territory: 1624-1925

Features Michael Upchurch and Upchurch Descendants: Richard, John, James, Harmon, Allen, Patrick Bogan, and Charles Wesley,

First Edition April 2008

Davenports and Upchurches:
Pioneers in Indian Territory

Tracing my ten generations of Upchurches from 1624 to 2000s, and nine generations of Davenports from 1642-2002.

Revised, Second Edition, June 2007 

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