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276 pages, 8-1/2x11
8 Generations
Colonial Days (1638)
   Indian Territory (1880s)
   Oklahoma Territory 1890s
Family Legends/Lore
Family Trees
Family Crests
Revolutionary War
Family in Civil War
Ancestral Maps
Census & Tax Records
   Beginning in 1712
   Throughout 1800s
   1900 to 1930
Land Patents
Tax Records
Land Deeds
Letters from the 1600s
Marriage Records
Court Records
Death Certificates
Probate Records

The Upchurches
of Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas,
and Indian Territory: 1624-1925

The life and times of
Michael Upchurch and his Descendants:

Richard Upchurch, John Upchurch, James Upchurch,
Harmon Upchurch, Allen Upchurch, Patrick
Bogan Upchurch, and Charles Wesley Upchurch.

Currently being Revised

Compiled and Written by Mae D. Cox
Edited by Kevin M. Burton

Over 300 years of My Upchurch Family from their Colonial Days in Virginia and North Carolina, then as Pioneers moving west to Arkansas and on into Indian Territory. Featuring the life, the times, and the descendants of:

Michael Upchurch, I (1624-1681)
Richard Upchurch, I (1658-1700)
John Upchurch, I (1678-1758)
James Upchurch, III (1724-1784)
Harmon Upchurch (1740-1815)
Allen Upchurch (1779-1849)
Patrick Bogan Upchurch (1816-1885)
Charles Wesley Upchurch (1853-1915)
and his children

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Details on each Ancestor presented in Chronological Order!

Complete... Concise... Comprehensive...Written in story form, each section features information about that ancestor's life, beginning with his birth. Supporting documents, records, maps, and other information follow through to his death. A summary ends each section.

Michael Upchurch 1624-1681
Michael is a fascinating ancestor who left an astounding paper trail during his forty-three years in Virginia. The section on Michael is the longest in the book and provides a good glimpse into his life, his times, and his descendants. Included are
    - A timeline outlining every known event in his life
    - Maps from his arrival in America throughout his lifetime
    - His four original letters, plus transcriptions
    - Lawne's Creek Rebellion court records, transcriptions
    - The lease of Roger Delke's land, and
    - The original Estate Inventory records, transcriptions
    - Several other original records and transcriptions.

Commentary is given about various documents, plus the findings of other researchers. In most cases, other's data is true, but there are some cases where previous researchers/authors have misinterpreted data or been given erroneous material.