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families in book
abbott, joseph peter
abbott, martha ann shackleford
abbott, rex
abbott, william henry
applewhite, john
aydelett, samuel c.
bales, franklin vandever
ball, dr. william a.
barnes, almorane bruton
beal, george & myrtle mongold
beamer, byron f.
beamer, edward henry
bivens, charles jackson
bivens, james luther
bivens, john
blackburn, john gilbert
blackwell, james franklin
blevens, richard joe
boatright, jackson carl
boatright, robert lee
bohannon, jefferson d.
bowers, james henry
bowers, william sanford
box, barsley
box, george
box, george roy
box, martin
bryant, oscar joseph
bugher, lewis b.
burt, william t.
carrier, elmer clark
carrier, george wasserman, jr.
carrier, george wasserman, sr.
caskey, james amos ?lva?
caskey, james reedy
caskey, john david
caskey, joseph alec
caskey, lum
caskey, thomas reed
cavin, george walker
cavin, james wesley
cavin, john robert
cavin, robert samuel
cheatwood, nathan ?ace?
cheatwood, william r.
childers, nannie a.
claunch, benjamin f.
claunch, elmer
coffey, ephram v.
cossey, john a.
cossey, thomas jefferson
cromwell, johnny caraway
crouch, george w.
dare, george harvey
davenport, arthur monroe
dobbs, albert leroy
dobbs, john calvin
douglass, john newton
dragoo, oscar
dragoo, w. e. d.
eads, thomas jefferson
elliott, william ephraim
farrow, andrew jackson
fennell, george franklin
foust, calvin anthony
fuzzell, joseph f.
fuzzell, pleasant ?lez?
hardwick, hugh montgomery
higbee, l. b. d.
higbee, robert alva
hiser, edward lee
hiser, james benjamin
holder, john
hollowell, silas dixon
hopkins, george washington
hopkins, solomon j.
hopper, claud
hopper, newton jasper
hopper, robert edward
hopper, rosa may
hulin, martha jane
idlett, thomas ?om?
johnson, erastus vestal
johnson, frank marion
johnson, otto almus
kelly, william ledrow
kirkland, george washington
ledford, samuel d.
luper, gillum lee
lurry, john bell
mantooth, clayborn
mantooth, daniel
mason, william monroe
mcclure, william charles
mcnutt, emmit edgar
mcnutt, william r.
menasco, charlie benton
menasco, james alden
millsap, john hillmer
millsaps, isaac edward ?d?
millsaps, john t.
millsaps, logan t.
millsaps, napoleon bonaparte
minnis, porter
mitchell, john morris
mongold, john
moutaw, william ?ill?freeman
munch, henry
myers, henry a.
myers, john e.
myers, peter h.
nemecek, anthon
northcutt, lemuel woodson
ozment, john vincent
peery, joseph a.
pelsey, judson i.
pressley, sidney
roach, john wesley
scott, avery albert
scott, william charlie
sherman, jay
sizemore, joel thomas
skinner, john wesley
skinner, malcolm ?ake?ritter
skinner, richard johnson ?ohnse?
skinner, thomas harmon
skinner, thomas jefferson ?eff?
skinner, william ?ill?oliver
skinners to cleveland county
slavin family
slavin, james
slavin, john
slavin, joseph t.
slavin, mary
slavin, mary josette
slavin, theresa
stone, george
stubblefield, thomas m.
summers, jessee p.
tate, robert alexander
thompson, john edward p.c.
tilley, james edward ?d?
tilley, lafayette
toumbs, allen
toumbs, granville logan
toumbs, richard allen
tully, james henderson
tully, john emerson
turner, william thomas
turnpaugh, winfield scott
upchurch, bowman franklin
upchurch, charles wesley
upchurch, eunice mcswain
upchurch, john jackson
upchurch, thomas rutherford
upchurch, william andrew
uprchurches to twin territories
usry, robert millington
ward, robert eli
webb, abner lawler ?b?dr.
zachary, asa t.
zachary, green carroll

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163 settler families are portrayed in the book...

?250 pages, 8-1/2 x 11 inch pages, soft-back cover

these are families who migrated to southern cleveland county back in the 1890s and early 1900s. they came by covered wagon... some by horseback or train. they staked a claim in the runs of 1889 or 1891, or bought land from someone who had made the runs. they cleared land and planted crops, built cabins and barns, and raised their children. many died in this area and are buried in little rural cemeteries. photos of their headstones are included in their stories.

most stories are one-or two-pages in length and include biographies of the man and his wives(s). every effort was made to find family members to help with stories. olden-day photos, when available, portray family members.

section maps provide details of land patents issues to families, along with legal descriptions of their land. tax records and census records were used to determine just where the family was living.


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