SRA Python's Chucar
       Chu- (as in Chuck) Car

Chucar is the first cria born on our ranch. He's become so endeared to us that he's the only one of our herd we won't sell.

From the get-go he was friendly and inquisitive whenever anyone came to our place. His antics of running to anyone approaching fast led him the title of 'our greeter.' 

Not only does he meet and greet, but he also likes to touch noses with you... sort of an alpaca handshake. We love this sweet guy. He's an outstanding alpaca, and right now he's out standing in the field waiting to greet the next visitor.

    SRA Python's Chucar
Male Huacaya
October 24, 2008
    Color:  White

    ARI #31877824

Our Valentine
  ARI #821221
Color:  Light Fawn
Monty's Python
ARI #:  1143157
Color:   White
1/2 Bolivian, 1/2 Peruvian



Chucar, Official SRA Greeter

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Chucar is NOT FOR SALE

ARI Certificate