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           Un-Named and Un-Known Photos
Please help put names to these photos...
These are photos that have been handed down to me from a variety of folks, including some from the Upchurch clan... some from the Davenport family side, and several from Skinners... and a few from Millsaps.

If you can help with the identity of any of these, please do let me know.

Unknown Photos Group 1
This collection has many babies,  children, and youth photos. What sweet babies whose loving mothers were so proud of them. Whose mothers sent postcards of photos to family and friends. And those photos ended up in boxes that were passed on down... eventually to me.
Unknown Photos Group 2
Photos of young men, old men, young women, older women, plus several family groups, and misc.
Unknown Photos 1940>
Newer photos ranging from abt 1940 into 1950s. Includes Skinners, Millsaps, McNutts, Thompsons, Pettys, VanWinkles, and several others.
Photos Identified
We've had some luck finding names for a few photos --

Thanks for your help in naming these folks!

























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