History of the Davenport Halloween Parties

In 1998, Darrell and Eunice decided to give a family Halloween party at the old Barto house which they then owned. Back in the late-1940s, early-1950s, this farm was home to Roy and Bessie and all of us had been there when we were kids.

Folks came from near and far as this was one of the first family reunions or get-togethers we'd had in quite some time. Charlie's three children came from Tulsa, Dallas, and New Mexico -- this was first time we'd seen all of them since they were little kids.

Floyd and Ethel came from Colorado, Kenneth and Thelma from Ardmore, and quite a few others came as well. It was a large and fun gathering.

The place itself was astounding as their daughter, Phyllis, decorated all around the farm, including the neatest complete graveyard with hilarious markers. She also carved gobs of Jack-0-Lanterns that were placed inside and out.

In 2002, Darrell and Eunice again had a Halloween Party and this time held it at their home. Darrell decided he wanted to have a get-together each year, so, since then, on the Saturday before Halloween, we gather for our traditional wiener roast!

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1998 & 2002




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