The Millsaps of
Cleveland County, Oklahoma Territory
























Millsaps Photos
Photos from the olden days -- Millsaps who homesteaded and farmed in southern Cleveland County.
Area where Millsaps lived
Millsaps migrating to southern Cleveland County in the late 1800s settled around the communities of Box, Buckhead (see book at right), Corbett, and many others. These are photos to give a glimpse where their lives were spent.

Your Help Needed!
Please help identify the many unknown photos that have been passed down or given to me over the years. I've no idea who these folks are and hope you can name some.

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Buckhead Book
My book about Buckhead lists several Millsaps, including

John T. Millsaps  Napoleon Millsaps
Isaac Edward Millsap
J. Hill Millsaps
Willie Millsaps
Wesley Millsap
Lewis Millsaps
Robert Millsaps
Plus 36 others

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Book includes land patents, tax records, burial records, schools and school board members, Churches, and much more.