Davenport Family Obituaries

Adams, Gayle Davenport -- dau of M.L. Davenport

Allen, Mercedes Davenport -- dau of M.L.Davenport

Carillo, Mary Davenport -- daughter of M.L.
Carillo, Bruno -- husband of Mary

Champeau, Ethel Davenport
Champeau, Floyd -- husband of Ethel

Cox, Stephen Burt -- son of Mae

Davenport, Arthur Monroe -- Granddad
Davenport, Mary May Upchurch -- Grandma

Davenport, Carl Oliver
Davenport, Nena Vey Warren -- Wife of Carl

Davenport, Charlie W.
Davenport, Charlie W. Tornado Story

Davenports, continued
Davenport, Darrell Dean -- Son of Roy
Davenport, Eunice Oliphant -- wife of Darrell

Davenport, Homer -- brother to George William

Davenport, Kermitt -- son of Uncle Lute

Davenport, Martin Luther -- Uncle Lute
Davenport, Mary Lee Wilson --wife of M. L.

Davenport, George William -- GGF

Davenport, Roy Jackson
Davenport, Bessie Barto -- Wife of Roy

Laurence, Loyce Evalyn Davenport
Laurence, Denna Grimes - Dau-in-law of Loyce

Wells, Shirley Champeau -- dau of Ethel


Other Family

Alexander, Manerva
Alexander, Samuel Houston

Griffin, James Kenneth -- hus of Thelma Davenport

Huddleston, Clifford -- husband of Annie Davenport



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