Upchurch Obituaries
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My Great Grandparents
       Upchurch, Charles Wesley -- my GGF
       Upchurch, Julina Perrine,
wife of Charles Wesley Upchurch

Other Upchurches
      Burks, Edna B. Upchurch,
daughter of Little John Upchurch

      Davenport, Mary May Upchurch,
daughter of C. W. Upchurch

Grizzle, Dora Upchurch, daughter of T. Rutherford Upchurch
      Kline, Mildred Upchurch,
daughter of John Jackson Upchurch

      Upchurch, Bowman Franklin, son of Charles Wesley Upchurch
      Upchurch, John 'Little John' Logan, son of William A. Upchurch
      Upchurch, Strickland, brother to Charles Wesley Upchurch
      Upchurch, William A., son of Charles Wesley Upchurch
      Upchurch, William Wesley,
son of John L. Upchurch

Married to an Upchurch
     Burks, Herman Royal,
married to Edna B. Upchurch (see above)
     Upchurch, Orene Dodd, wife of William Wesley Upchurch
     Upchurch, Roxie Brigham,
wife of Strickland Upchurch