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Skinner Photos
The Skinners who came to southern Cleveland County from Conway County, Arkansas in the 1890s -- see "Areas" at top right.

Skinner Reunions
2005 Reunion at Macomb
     2006 Reunion at Macomb
     2008 Reunion at Macomb
     2009 Reunion at Macomb

Skinner Obituaries 
    Gladys Skinner McDaniel
    Glennis Navoy Skinner
    Jack Raymond Skinner
    Jessie Nadine Skinner
    Leroy A. Skinner, Jr.

Skinner Headstones


Areas Where they Lived
Skinners migrating to southern Cleveland County from Arkansas settled around Box, Buckhead, Corbett, and many other little communities.

Skinner Newspaper Articles 1909-1912
Skinner Newspaper Articles 1912-1915
Skinners, Hannah and Wm. A. Skinner. 1909

Your Help Needed!
Please help identify the many unknown photos that have been passed down or given to me over the years. I've no idea who these folks are and hope you can name some.

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Buckhead Book
My book about Buckhead O.T. also has many Skinners listed:
     W. O. Skinner
and Jeff Skinner  received land patents, plus several others lived throughout this area.

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