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Historical Tidbit
Taken from Michael Upchurch 1624-1681

Surry County, Virginia
by Mae Davenport Cox

It didn’t take long for the first immigrants to hit the Virginia shoreline and begin settling on land in every direction. Surry County was formerly part of James City County, and was cut off from that county in 1652. Lawne’s Creek and Southwark Parishes then lay within Surry County.

In 1723 the southern part of the county became part of newly established Brunswick County. It lay south of the James River with boundaries extending from the river south to the North Carolina line.

In 1732, additional territory was ceded to Brunswick. Lawne’s Creek and Southwark Parishes, lying north of Blackwater River, were combined into Southwark Parish, so Lawne’s Creek Parish ceased to exist as a separate entity.

In 1753, the middle portion of Surry County was separated off to form Sussex County. At that time, Surry reached its present bounds.

The first land patents for Surry County date from 1624. Though four courthouse fires and two major wars swept through the county, these court records have survived. Only the court order books from 1719 to 1740 and one nineteenth-century deed book are missing.


Lawne’s Creek Parish
Lawne’s Creek Parish was part of the James City Parish lying south across the James River.

In January 1640, by authorization of the General Assembly, it became its own entity. An Act in March of 1643 relieved Lawne’s Creek inhabitants of having to further support James City Parish. Lawne’s Creek Parish existed over a hundred years: from 1640 to 1742.

Lawne’s Creek Parish was bounded on the north by the James River and included all of Hog Island. The eastern boundary was Lawne’s Creek running southerly to the head of its uppermost branches, then westerly to the head of the upper branches of Lower Chippokes Creek, then to the mouth of Lower Chippokes Creek, northward to Hog Island Creek. Southwark Parish encompassed land from College Creek to Upper Chippokes Creek.

Click here for map of Lawne's Creek Parish


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