Upchurch Family
Upchurches ~ Perrines ~ McSwains ~ Millsaps ~ Skinners ~ VanWinkles

Patrick Bogan Upchurch
This is a hodgepodge of old Upchurch photos including ones of PBU's children as they visited with siblings.
Charles Wesley Upchurch
Charles and wife Julina Perrine, plus photos of their children and families
Strickland Asbury Upchurch
Strickland and wife Roxanne Sherman Brigham, along with many of their children and families
Upchurch Headstones
Oklahoma and Arkansas cemeteries where many Upchurches are buried.
Upchurch Obituaries
Many of our family member's obits and/or funeral programs giving pertinent info.

Your Help Needed!
Please help identify the many unknown photos that have been passed down or given to me over the years. I've no idea who these folks are and hope you can name some.

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Reunions see 'Davenport Reunions'

Newspaper items and clippings beginning in the late 1800s, plus several stories I've written about our Upchurch ancestors.

Article about Michael Upchurch Jr
December 2010 from Upchurch Bulletin.

Family Newsletters
Though most of these were originally written for and about the Davenport family, they are now named the Upchurch-Davenport Newsletter.

Upchurch Book
The Upchurches of Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Indian Territory: 1624-1925
Michael Upchurch and his descendants: Richard, John, James, Harmon, Allen, Patrick Bogan, and Charles Wesley Upchurch

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