Nena and Bob visit site of old Meridian School, northwest of Chickasha. See story below.

Nena (86) & Bob (82)
Revisiting Old School

In 1929, the Warrens moved from the Frederick area to a farm northwest of Chickasha. Nena was eleven and Bob was seven.

All the Warren children attended the local rural schools: Gilmore Elementary went up to the 6th grade, and upper grades attended Meridian High School.

Nena graduated from Meridian High in 1935, and was honored as the County's star basketball forward for three years running. Bob attend the school too, until 1936 when the family moved to Pocasset and he transferred there.

When Bob and Marge visited Oklahoma in October 2003, I took them  to see the area where they had lived and gone to school.

It was quite disappointing to find there was nothing left of either of their two houses, nor the barns, sheds... and especially the schools.

However, at the site where the Meridian High school had once stood, was this big sign.

What a delight to snap these two standing so proudly at the sign where they once attended classes.