The Warrens & Newtons of
Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory / Oklahoma



Warrens and Gilpatricks
Old Photos dating as far back as the late 1800s and early 1900s

Warrens 1920-1960s
Photos of the Louis K and Flora Warren Family

Warrens 2000 - Today
The Warrens during last few years

Reunions & Get-Togethers

2002 California Reunion
A great reunion -- my first time to meet a big majority of my Warren cousins!

2002 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
A great trip to visit Aunt LaNell. We took in all the scenery and toured the countryside around Idaho and into Montana.

Nenavey Warren Davenport 1917-2012
Photos taken at reception following funeral


Great Great Grandparents
Gilpatrick, James Dosser 'Doss' -- GGGF
Warren, Thomas E. (GGGF)

Warren, Louis K.
Warren, Flora Newton

Children of Louis and Flora Warren
Warren, Lowell K.
Warren, Jasper 'Jay' William
Warren, Nenavey m. Carl Oliver Davenport
Warren, James Robert 'Bob' m. Marge Baldridge
Warren, LaNell 'Nell' m. Norris Leroy Helstrom
Warren, Floretta m. Arthur Glendon 'Glen' Chaney
Warren, Wanda Lucille m. James Mannes Sr.

Grandchildren of L. & F. Warren
Warren, James Aldridge  -- Ken's son

Great-Grandchildren of L. & F. Warren
Cox, Stephen Burt  -- Son of Mae, GSon of Nenavey

Family Newsletters

Thus far only one newsletter has been published for the Newtons and Warrens. Click here


Meridian School
Nena and Bob visit site where they lived north of
Chickasha, Oklahoma, and where they went to school.

Click on school for details