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Michael Upchurch
His Life, His Times, His Legacy: 1624-1681

Compiled and Written by Mae D. Cox
Edited by Kevin M. Burton
Second Edition January 2012


Michael Upchurch

Michael is a fascinating ancestor who left an astounding paper trail during his forty-three years in Virginia. This book provides a good glimpse into his life and times during the Colonial period.

136 pages, 8-1/2x11
Facts about Colonial Period
Crests and Coat-of-Arms
Maps of where Michael lived

Commentary is given about the various documents, plus the findings of other researchers. In most cases, other's data is true, but there are some cases where previous researchers/authors information differs from the findings and documentation of this book author.

Documents and Records
   A timeline outlining every known event in Michael's life
   Maps from his arrival in America throughout his lifetime
   Michael's four original letters back to England, plus transcriptions
   Complete set of court records about Lawnes Creek Rebellion
   The lease of Roger Delke's land
   Tithe records 1668-1691, originals and transcriptions
   Records of Appointment of Administrators 
   Estate records for Michael Upchurch, plus transcriptions
   Estate records for Frances Upchurch, plus transcriptions
   Several other original records and transcriptions.
   Historical info about the Period in which Michael lived
   Maps of Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry County, and many others
   Many other documents including depositions, etc.
   Records and documents in the book have been transcribed





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