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Buckhead, O.T.

The History of a Community and its People

The story of Buckhead, Oklahoma Territory,
a small community in southern Cleveland County,
from the 1890s through Early 1900s

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Buckhead was a small community in the far southeastern Cleveland County, Oklahoma Territory. Though it consisted of only a handful of businesses, it was a thriving community with a large population. So many people moved to that area that eventually the county assigned an additional school there just for the residents: Buckhead School. Book features the history of Buckhead, including:

• Land Patent Records
• Mt. Zion Cemetery
Names of those buried
• Land plats
, land allotments, and land patents
• Deeds
to church, schools, cemetery
• Tax Records
• Newspaper Articles
1891-1916 — 25 years!
• Buckhead School Board Members
• Pictures and stories
of families who lived there
• Maps, photos, illustrations
• Stories
from former Buckhead School students
Types of homes
Early-Day Settler Stories about families, including
Franklin Bales
Edward H. Beamer
Byron F. Beamer
James H. Bowers
Will Sanford Bowers
Arthur M. Davenport
Robert A. Higbee
Charlie McClure
Isaac Edward Millsaps
John Hillmer 'Hill' Millsaps
John T. Millsaps
Henry A. Myers
John E. Myers
Thomas Harmon Skinner
Thomas 'Jeff' Skinner
William Oliver Skinner
Joseph T. Slavin
James Slavin
Thomas Stubblefield
Charles Wesley Upchurch

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Buckhead, a small community in southern Cleveland County, came into being with the Land Run of 1891. This is the story and history of that little Buckhead Community, and the people who lived there, detailed in eight sections:


Buckhead, O.T. In the Beginning / Run of 1891 / Settlement
Settlers to Buckhead
List of Land Patentees, plats
Early Tax Records
Taxpayers in Buckhead School District 68
Dwellings of the Buckhead Pioneers
Families Who Lived There
Buckhead School District 68
Two Buckhead Schools / Student’s Memories
Farming and Ranching in Buckhead
Sharecroppers / Pickin’ Cotton
Natural Wonders & Disasters in Buckhead Area

Buckhead Newspaper Articles 25 Years of Articles
Bibliography and Index







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