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The Davenports of
Cleveland and Pottawatomie Counties, Oklahoma

The Alexanders
The Alexander daughter married George William Davenport, my Great-Grandfather. This is a collection of family photos, some dating back to the late 1800s.
George William Davenport
Great -Grandfather (1863-1955). Includes photos of GW's Uncle Abram, plus a couple of his sisters, a lady-friend, and two sons.
Arthur and May Davenport
Granddad and Grandma. Photos of their lives in and around Cleveland County and for a couple years in OKC.
Aunts and Uncles
The eight children of Arthur and May Davenport, along with their spouses and other family members.
All Us Cousins
Grandchildren of Arthur and May Davenport. We grew up in the 1940s and 1950s and raised our families in the 1960s and 1970s.
Reunions & Get-Togethers
     2009 Davenport-Upchurch Reunion
     2007 Davenport-Upchurch Reunion
     2007 Nenavey's 90th Birthday
     2006 Darrell-Eunice 50th Anniversary
     2004 Davenport-Upchurch Reunion
     2002 Davenport-Upchurch Reunion
     2000 Davenport-Upchurch Reunion

     Halloween Parties 1998 thru 2008
Family Newsletters
Upchurch-Davenport Newsletters, back to 2000.


Davenport Obituaries
The obituary and/or funeral program for many of the Davenports and other relatives.
Davenport Headstones
Cemeteries where many of our ancestors and relatives are buried, along with individual headstones.
Family Gatherings After Funerals
     2012 Nenavey Warren Davenport
     2003 Roy Davenport

     2004 Opal Sullivan Davenport
     2007 Loyce Davenport Laurence
     2009 Eunice Ann Oliphant Davenport
Newspaper Articles
News items and clippings beginning in the late 1800s, plus several stories I've written.

Your Help Needed!
Please help identify some of the many unknown photos that have been passed down or given to me over the years. I've no idea who these folks are and hope you can name some.

Click here for photos needing to be identified.

Davenport Book
Davenports and Upchurches: Pioneers in Indian Territory

Traces nine generations of Davenports from the first to America through those who came to Indian Territory.

Click book for more info.